Miss Sparkle "Success" Pageant & Teaching Academy -
Miss *Sparkle*  Success

Pageant, Talent, Modeling
 & Fashion Showcase

You will be Judged on:
*Casual  Wear &  *Evening Gown Presentation
*Talent, *Fashion & *Modeling Presentation
No Swimsuits - No Personal Interview

It's not all about BEAUTY,  it's about SUCCESS!!!
Become a member of this Esteem Family of girls and young women.
  Take part in the greatest life-Changing Pageant experience.
Enjoy the fun, excitement and glamour of competing in a Junior, Teen or Miss Sparkle Pageant Showcase.
Follow your “Heart” and make your “Dreams”
 become a Reality. ...
Become the NEXT Miss Sparkle Success Queen!


Be the FIRST 25 Girls toGUARANTEEyourSPOTin the next Pageant Showcase Competition
(Ages 8 - 24)

Children Categories also listed below

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Class this Month:
Abstinence & Sexual Behaviors
                                  $45 per student - (Age 12 & Up!)

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Miss Sparkle Success is about
in the Generation of Tomorrow
through a Pageant Experience

 Boys - through  age 7


Michigan State University
Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

219 S. Harrison Road,  East  Lansing, Michigan 
On MSU campus

Register: 517-886-5760 by phone.
By Email: sparklesuccess@yahoo.com
You may also register below....

Entry Fee

 Infant, Cute Kids, Princess & Prince

Infant 3 mos. - 12 mos. - $99

                             $100.00 CASH Awarded to
                              Highest Score in this Category

                               Cute Kids -  1 year - 3 years. - $145
                                Princess & Prince - 4 - 7 years - $195
                                     (Boys through 7 years )

                                    $200.00 CASH Awarded to                                         Highest Score in this Category

Junior & Teen  Queen
  Junior - Age 8 - 12 years - $225 
$300.00 CASH Awarded to
 Highest Score in this Category

  Teen - Age 13 - 16 years -  $245
$400.00 CASH Awarded to
 Highest Score in this Category

Miss Sparkle Success Queen 
 Age 17 - 25 years - $295 
       $500.00 CASH Awarded to 
       Highest Score in this Category
                            Ms/Miss/Mrs. American Woman 
                                        (Spokes-Model & Mentor)
                                         (must give a Platform Speech)
                             Age 26 & Up - $345

      Complete your Application  below..
      to guarantee your spot!
Date Confirmed after Enrollment!

Applications are approved on a first come first received basis. 
You will be billed by PayPal.

Miss Sparkle Success Pageant Enrollment
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Thank you!

For further information Email: sparklesuccess@yahoo.com
P.O. Box 80016, Lansing, MI 48909-0016
(517) 886-5760

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