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Message to Parent(s) & Teachers!


Dear Parent, Teacher(s),

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Miss Sparkle Success is about change and betterment for young women by focusing on the inner beauty and potential in everyone we serve. 

We encourage "Success" by focusing on a person's positive behaviors, qualities, and character.  Our Miss Sparkle Pageant & Self Esteem Workshops were designed to help achieve the confidence needed before adulthood, and practices that will last a lifetime.

Miss Sparkle Success is dedicated to provide safe and innovative programs in the areas of image building, peer relationships, walking and dressing for success, public speaking, stage fears, and overall self worth. 

Girls are bombarded in our society with the pressures to do drugs, bullying, sexual behaviors, lose weight and mimic others at earlier and earlier ages.  Many girls are not finding the encouragement and support they need to protect them from harm at a very vulnerable point in their lives.

Girl Teen 3Miss Sparkle Pageant & Success Academy empowers girls with personal development opportunities to gain confidence and pride in themselves and their own abilities.  They are encouraged to "Do their Best". 

Our Image Building programs are established to combat - “Dream-Snatchers” - such as academic apathy, violence, bullying, substance abuse, negative peer pressure and teen pregnancy.  Studies show,  with those that are involved in positive academic, sports, focused groups and uplifting activities they are less likely to engage in negative behaviors.

The Pageant and Success Academy experience will;  1) increase positive behaviors; 2) increase achievement and engagement in learning; 3) decrease risky behaviors;  and 4) build positive relationships with peers, parents and teachers.

Miss Sparkle Success is calling on parents, teachers, youth leaders, organizations, community officials and administrators, to help make a difference in the lives of children and young adults.  Join forces with us as we build and maintain positive identities which is vital to youth development.

Our fun and positive activities help promote confidence, self worth and a desire to get involved in their community and State.

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We ask your support by identifying children or young adults from your school, church, youth and community group who would greatly benefit from this experience.

Please help us, by reaching out to the many who could benefit with new life skills and encourage them to enroll in our pageant or workshops.

Please complete the information below.  The Information packet will be sent by email to those you recommend or encourage.


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