Miss Sparkle "Success" Pageant & Teaching Academy -
Miss *Sparkle*  Success

Experiencing Success through

Pageantry, Talent,  Modeling
     & Fashions

International & United States Residence!
Please check out our Virtual "Online Pageant"

We will host a special virtual pageant open to all United States and International residents. Events are just like our live pageants, but it is all done online. Yes, that's correct, it is an Online Pageant designed just for you.   

Entries accepted from October 1 - March 31, 2018  
Winners Announced May 6, 2018

Introduction Appearance (submit via video - 45 seconds)
Telephone Interview  (via phone)
Casual Wear Appearance (submit via video - 45 seconds)
Evening Gown or Fashion (submit via video - 45 seconds).

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Virtual Pageant
Price: $225.00

Become the Next ...
Miss Sparkle "Success" Queen!

*Casual  Wear  *Evening Gown *Talent  *Fashion  & Modeling
*Question & Answer - "
(No Swimsuit or Personal Interview)

Ages 3 months -  & Up!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

It's not all about BEAUTY,  it's about SUCCESS!!!

Become a member of this Esteem Pageant of girls and young women.
  Take part in the greatest life-Changing Pageant experience.
Enjoy the fun, excitement and glamour of competing in a Junior, Teen or Miss Sparkle Pageant Showcase.
Follow your “Heart” and make your “Dreams”
 become a Reality. ...
Become the NEXT Miss Sparkle Success Queen!


Be the NEXT 25 Girls to GUARANTEE your SPOT
in the upcoming Pageant Showcase, and become eligible to WIN $100 Cash!
(Ages 8 - 25)

Miss Sparkle Success is about
through a Pageant Experience

 Boys - through  age 7


Michigan State University
Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

219 S. Harrison Road,  East  Lansing, Michigan 
On MSU campus

Register: 517-886-5760 by phone.
By Email: sparklesuccess@yahoo.com
You may also register below....

Entry Fee

 Infant, Cute Kids, Princess & Prince

Infant 3 mos. - 12 mos. - $45

                             $100.00 CASH Awarded to
                              Highest Score in this Category

                               Cute Kids -  1 yr. - 3 years. - $75
                           Princess & Prince - 4 - 7 yrs. - $100
                                    (Boys through 7 years )

                                    $200.00 CASH Awarded to                                         Highest Score in this Category

Junior & Teen  Queen
  Junior - Age 8 - 12 years - $155 
$300.00 CASH Awarded to
 Highest Score in this Category

  Teen - Age 13 - 16 years -  $195
$400.00 CASH Awarded to
 Highest Score in this Category

Miss Sparkle Success "Miss" Queen 
 Age 17 - 25 years - $225 
       $500.00 CASH Awarded to 
       Highest Score in this Category
  Ms/Miss/Mrs. American Woman 
                                        (Spokes-Model & Mentor)
                                         (must give a Platform Speech)
                                              Community Advocate for Young Women
                             Age 26 & Up - $195

        Applications are approved on a first come first received basis. 
You will be billed by PayPal.

Miss Sparkle Success Pageant Enrollment
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Thank you!

For further information Email: sparklesuccess@yahoo.com
P.O. Box 80016, Lansing, MI 48909-0016
(517) 886-5760

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